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AIM Carb Cleaner

The ancient art of washing a car is slowly dying. As more and more people opt to have their daily drives cleaned whilst they tackle the weekly shop at Tesco, or decide to use the drive-through after filling up with fuel, the sight of men polishing their vehicles on a Sunday will soon disappear.


But we can reclaim this pastime with a brace of gadgetry that not only takes the strain out of the car wash; it also makes it a helluva lot more fun in the process.

So, whether you fancy blasting away the soapy scum with a high-tech pressure washer or vacuuming the interior with one of Dyson’s latest handheld cleaners, we’ve got it covered.


It takes a very lazy person to purchase a special gizmo that cleans a car window but you’ve come this far, so why not? Window vacuum cleaner is really designed to tackle large glass expanses, such as patio doors and conservatory windows, but it’s also pretty adept at leaving windscreens exceptionally clean and streak-free. The patented blade technology and powerful suction motor means it doesn’t drip water, so it can be used inside the car too. Perfect for scraping the bird mess from a fancy panoramic sunroof.

Waxing a car is up there with some of the most mind-numbing tasks known to man, even the Karate Kid had to learn the hard way. Arguably the kings of the automotive polish world, has created this powerful dual-action polisher that takes the tedious arm work out of creating a brilliant shine. A number of easily interchangeable pads help apply a coat of wax and then buff it into an eye-popping shine without the hours of labor. The powerful brushes can even remove stains, oxidation marks and swirls from older paintjobs.


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