Facelift Revo 2017 Model To Rocco 2022 Model Complete

Facelift Revo 2017 Model To Rocco 2022 Model Complete

Original price was: ₨160,000.00.Current price is: ₨130,000.00.

Toyota Hilux Rocco Facelift Kit 2022 Model In Pakistan | AutoVate

Original price was: ₨160,000.00.Current price is: ₨130,000.00.

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Revamp Your Toyota Hilux Rocco: Introducing the 2022 Facelift Kit – Redefining Style and Boldness!

Experience the future of automotive aesthetics with our Toyota Hilux Rocco Facelift Kit, tailor-made for the 2022 model. Unleash a new era of sophistication, power, and contemporary design that sets your vehicle apart on and off the road.

Key Features:

Ultimate Modernization: Elevate your Hilux Rocco’s presence with a transformation that’s nothing short of stunning. This facelift kit brings a modern touch to every angle, redefining its appearance for the 2022 model year.

Seamless Integration: Crafted with precision, our facelift kit seamlessly integrates into the contours of your 2022 Hilux Rocco. The result is a sleek, factory-finished look that exudes confidence.

Innovative Lighting: Illuminate the path ahead with cutting-edge LED lighting enhancements. From powerful headlights to attention-grabbing taillights, the facelift kit’s lighting components are designed to enhance visibility and make a statement.

Bold Front Grille: The front grille receives a bold update, instantly commanding attention with its distinctive design. Stand out in a crowd and embrace a sense of authority as you conquer the urban landscape or venture into the wild.

Aerodynamic Accents: Experience improved aerodynamics without compromising style. The facelift kit incorporates sleek lines and aerodynamic elements that not only enhance your vehicle’s performance but also contribute to its striking appearance.

Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, our facelift kit is built to endure the demands of the road. Rain or shine, you can trust that your Hilux Rocco will maintain its allure.

Enhanced Rear Styling: The facelift kit includes rear bumper enhancements that add a touch of elegance to your vehicle’s rear profile. Say goodbye to ordinary and embrace a rear design that exudes power and class.

Why Choose Our Facelift Kit:

Unleash the potential of your Toyota Hilux Rocco 2022 with a facelift kit that redefines style, upgrades functionality, and showcases your individuality. Make a statement wherever you go, whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring uncharted terrain.

Package Includes:

Front grille replacement
LED headlight and taillight assemblies
Rear bumper enhancements
All necessary installation hardware
Comprehensive installation instructions
Elevate your driving experience with the Toyota Hilux Rocco Facelift Kit for the 2022 model. Seize this opportunity to turn heads and set trends – order now and embark on a journey of style and performance that’s uniquely yours!


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