GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee | Self Tracker IOT

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee | Self Tracker IOT


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GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee | Self Tracker IOT


GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee | Self Tracker IOT


GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee | Self Tracker IOT

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee


Communication standard: GSM

GSM frequency: Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

GSM antenna: built-in-quadband antenna

GPRS: class 12

Number of channels: 20 channels

Tracking sensitivity: -159dBm

Capture Sensitivity: -144dBm

Positioning time: hot start <2 sec (open sky) cold start<38 sec(open sky)

GPS Antenna: Built in high gain ceramic patch antenna

Built in battery: 3.7vDC / 450mAh

GPS Positioning Precision: 5M

Operating voltage / current: 9-36 VDC / 90mA

LED indicator: 3 LED status : GPS-blue GSM-green Power-red

Application environment: Operating temperature: -20 c+

Package contents: 1 * GT06 GPS SMS Vehicle tracker locator remote control alarm, 1*Bilingual user manual in English and Other languages.


GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee | Self Tracker IOT

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

Overview Of The Charectristics

Car Tracker GPS GSM

GPS || GPRS || GSM Motorcycle /Vehicle Tracker

Real time tracking by SMS || GPRS

Movement/Vibration || Speeding alarm

Low Battery Alarm

Cut Vehicle Control Oil or Circuit Alarm

ACC Anti-Theft Alarm


Waterproof and Dust Proof

Power failure alarm(Contains batter)


Recover original Password

Add Call Alarm

Add Vibration Alarm

SOS Alarm

Built-in Memory 500 Point

And Much More



Not only will drivers be more responsible because they are aware of the GPS monitoring, but fleet managers will know exactly where a vehicle is if it requires any assistance. Whether it’s a broken down engine or any emergency situation, fleet managers can send roadside assistance to help their driver.


No one can control the price of gas, but one of the best benefits of GPS tracking systems is the ability to observe a vehicle’s fuel consumption. The monitoring software will cut down on the amount of money spent on fuel by eliminating vehicle idling, driver speeding, any unauthorized usage, and gives fleet managers the ability to optimize driving routes.


In the case of a vehicle theft, a GPS tracking system is the best tool for any fleet company. Be notified with alerts and mapping data to help you identify whether the vehicle has been stolen and inform the authorities of its location to enable a quick recovery.


Using GPS tracking software allows fleet managers to see who is taking inefficient routes or using a vehicle for unauthorized purposes. Not only will it solve on the road issues, but it provides an accurate readout of the hours that drivers claim to have worked.


Because of the ability to track drivers’ hours worked, this also allows fleet managers to make better use of an employee’s time. The GPS tracking software shows exactly where your drivers are at all times and keeps record of what work they are doing at that time.

The benefits of GPS tracking are endless. Get a better grasp of how employees are performing and find better ways to manage workloads with a comprehensive fleet tracking system. Not only will you save time and money, but your drivers will be safer and perform to their full potential. All of which adds up to a smoother business operation and improved customer service that each of your customer’s will love.



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