Toyota Corolla Android Panel 2009-2014

Toyota Corolla Android Panel 2009-2014


  • 2GB RAM 
  • 16GB ROM
  • Android 10
  • GPS
  • 1080p Video Support
  • Offline Navigation
  • USB Ports
  • HDD supportive
  • Front And Read Camera Support
  • IPS Display
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Introducing the Android Panel for Corolla 2009-2014: Elevate Your Driving Experience!

Upgrade your beloved Corolla 2009-2014 with our cutting-edge Android Panel, designed to seamlessly integrate advanced technology into your vehicle. This exceptional product is specially crafted to enhance your driving experience, providing convenience, entertainment, and functionality like never before.

Key Features:

Sleek Integration: The Android Panel is designed to perfectly fit into your Corolla’s dashboard, offering a seamless and factory-like appearance. It blends seamlessly with your car’s interior, giving it a modern and high-end feel.

Android Operating System: Experience the power of Android right at your fingertips. The Android Panel is equipped with the latest Android operating system, allowing you to access a wide range of applications, games, and utilities directly from your car.

Responsive Touchscreen: Enjoy a responsive and user-friendly touchscreen interface that makes navigating through your car’s features and apps a breeze. The high-resolution display ensures crystal-clear visuals.

GPS Navigation: Never get lost again. With built-in GPS navigation, you can effortlessly find your way to your destination. Real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn directions make traveling a breeze.

Entertainment Hub: Transform your car into an entertainment hub. Stream music, movies, and videos from popular apps like Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and more. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB to enjoy your favorite playlists.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Stay connected on the go. Pair your smartphone with the Android Panel for hands-free calling, messaging, and easy access to your contacts.

Internet Connectivity: Enjoy a connected drive with built-in Wi-Fi or 4G LTE connectivity options. Stay updated with the latest news, weather, and social media while on the road.

OEM Controls Integration: Preserve the functionality of your car’s original controls with seamless integration. The Android Panel allows you to retain access to your steering wheel controls, climate settings, and other essential features.

Enhanced Safety: Keep your focus on the road with voice commands and an intuitive interface that minimizes distractions.

Easy Installation: Installation is hassle-free, and our product is designed to be plug-and-play, so you don’t need to be a tech expert to enjoy these incredible features.

Upgrade your Corolla 2009-2014 with the Android Panel today and experience a new level of convenience and entertainment while on the road. Stay connected, entertained, and informed like never before, all while enjoying a sleek and sophisticated dashboard appearance. Elevate your driving experience with the Android Panel for Corolla 2009-2014!


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