Tri Fold Lid For Toyota Hilux Vigo, Vigo Champ and Revo

Tri Fold Lid For Toyota Hilux Vigo, Vigo Champ and Revo


Robust aluminium with Quick-clamp installation
Can be fastened in folded up position
Openable only from inside
Aerodynamic hence improves fuel economy

Tri Fold Lid For Toyota Hilux Vigo in Pakistan | AutoVate


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Introducing the Tri Fold Lid for Toyota Hilux Vigo – The Perfect Blend of Functionality and Style!

Enhance the versatility and aesthetics of your Toyota Hilux Vigo with our premium Tri Fold Lid. This top-of-the-line accessory is designed to provide excellent protection for your truck bed while adding a touch of sophistication to its overall appearance.

Key Features:

Durable Construction: Our Tri Fold Lid is constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance against harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and potential impacts. Rest assured that your truck bed will stay protected in style.

Secure and Weatherproof: The Tri Fold Lid is engineered to keep your truck bed secure and shielded from the elements. It features a reliable locking mechanism, providing peace of mind that your cargo remains safe and protected during transportation.

Convenient Tri-Fold Design: The innovative tri-fold design allows for easy access to your truck bed. Whether you need to load large items or retrieve your gear quickly, this foldable lid effortlessly adapts to your needs.

Sleek and Streamlined Look: Add a touch of sophistication to your Toyota Hilux Vigo with the Tri Fold Lid’s sleek and streamlined design. It seamlessly integrates with your truck’s contours, elevating its overall aesthetics and making it stand out on the road.

Effortless Installation: Our Tri Fold Lid comes with a hassle-free installation process, requiring no drilling or complicated modifications. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can have it installed in no time and get back on the road to enjoy its benefits.

Versatile and Practical: Whether you’re a daily driver or an outdoor enthusiast, the Tri Fold Lid enhances the functionality of your Toyota Hilux Vigo. It keeps your belongings organized and secure, making it an ideal addition for both work and leisure activities.

Custom Fit: The Tri Fold Lid is custom-tailored to perfectly fit the Toyota Hilux Vigo, ensuring a snug and seamless fit. It complements your truck’s original design while adding a touch of individuality to your vehicle.

Upgrade your Toyota Hilux Vigo with the Tri Fold Lid and experience the perfect combination of style and functionality. Keep your truck bed protected, organized, and ready for any adventure that comes your way. Elevate your driving experience with this must-have accessory. Get your Tri Fold Lid now and enjoy the convenience and style it brings to your Toyota Hilux Vigo!


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Make Model Year
Toyota Revo 2017 - 2021
Toyota Revo 2022 - 2023
Toyota Vigo 2005 - 2011
Toyota Vigo Champ 2012 - 2016